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About Us
We have abundance of beads in different styles for you to choose from. Since 1973, having in-depth expertise and decades of experience, Shiva International has achieved the position of a prominent manufacturer and exporter of a massive range of beads and allied products used throughout the jewelry industry. Our product range includes a variety of Handmade Lamp Work & Furnace wound Glass Beads, Wooden Beads, Horn Beads, Bone Beads, Metal Beads, Clay Beads, Soft Stone Beads, Mother Of Pearl Beads, Semi Precious Stone Beads etc and its Jewelleries . Manufactured with excellence, all these precious beads stand unique in comparison to others. Due to their unparalleled style and quality, all our products are duly acclaimed all over the world; making us a brand of quality and confidence. We have a dedicated team of highly skilled designers picked up from different corners of the country, responsible enough for the breath taking designs and fabulous styles of our beads radiating enchanting beauty.

No doubt, we are now at the peak of performance but the crave for perfection is not over yet. We are now concentrating on the introduction of more varieties and novel designs for our customers spreading worldwide. All our products are now exported to a number of countries acclaimed for their high quality conscious customers. This very fact is reflective enough in our strict adherence to quality and design. Our commitment has achieved us this renowned status and with each passing day, we are growing from strength to strength to be the leading name in international market.

Our Product Range
We offer the highest quality in form of varied beads at affordable prices. All our alluring items possess smooth finish and adroit craftsmanship as we create them with precision and utmost care. We use premium quality raw materials- glass rods, domestic buffalo bones and horns, brass sheet etc.; working with fantastic skill to beautify them with our artistic genius, and make them look exotic. Our product range includes:

  • Glass Beads
  • Wood Beads
  • Bone  Beads
  • Horn Beads
  • Clay Beads
  • Soft Stone  Beads
  • Metal  Beads
  • Semi precious Stone Beads
  • Mother of Pearl Beads
  • And Jewelleries


Our Quality
Quality is something not easy to achieve and maintain constantly; but we are used to make it appear much easier. Our usage of perfect quality raw materials, crafting them with captivating designs and bringing enchanting look out of them; proves our offer of supreme quality beads. That is the reason for our products enjoying high worldwide acclaim. We maintain quality not only in terms of products but also in every sphere of our operation with a proper feedback, utmost importance upon customer specification and an efficient timely delivery.

Our Infrastructure
We have passed through several decades of success and development, establishing ourselves as a prominent brand in this highly competitive industry. This long journey has been possible only due to our strong infrastructural base. It helps us to stand with pride, to soar high into the sky of glittering success. We are well equipped with every element that a strong infrastructure requires, however, we are most indebted to our strong skilled workforce which excels in bead work and offers you wonderful beads...the miniatures of care, precision and an updated technology.


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