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How to Order
Glass Beads

  1. please select the item you wish to order
  2. also let us know color code from our color chart

Any color can be made frosted, rainbow or lustre finish.


Glass beads

  1. for lamp beads our minimum quantity is 1 Kg. for each row design in one color
  2. For pendants & rings – our minimum quantity is 50 pieces per design color.
  3. For large whole (kiln furmace beads) our minimum quantity is 2 kgs.
  4. We accept any quantity from wholesalers, as our production capacity is 150 Kgs. per day.


We do not accept credit cards, we prefer to have by T.T. or by BANKER’S CHEQUE, 50% at the time of placing order & balance at the time of shipment.

Our Banker:-     State Bank of India (Specialised Commercial Branch, Varanasi-221002)
                              Swift No. SBININ BB 125 - BRANCH CODE-9252
                              Bank  Telephone : 91-2505630 / 2502764 /  Fax: 91-2502792
Our Account No.


BY AIR-within 20-30  days for any quantity.

BY SHIP-within 60 days for any quantity.


Regarding the shipment cost, we give the following mode of shipments & charge for-

  1. BY AIR(by United Air Lines, British Airways):-

For above 45 Kgs…$ 5.00 per Kg.

For above 100 Kgs…$ 4.50 per Kg.

For above 250 Kgs…$ 3.00 per Kg.

(The above service will be up to airport to airport only, from airport you will have to obtain delivery of goods either by yourselves or by your custom agent, the transmit time would be 7 days from Indian air port to your airport)

2.BY COURIER (by DHL or Airborn Exp.):-

25 kgs to 50kgs…$ 6.50 per kg.

50 kgs to 100kgs…$ 5.90 per kg.

If the weight were more than 100 kgs, then the freight of courier would be cheaper.

(By courier you will get delivery of goods at your door, the above courier charges includes all taxes/Duties levied in U.S.A./Canada & Australia. And you have to pay nothing extra but for U.K. & Europe, VAT/Taxes would be charged you). Transmit time would be 6 to 7 days to your door.

3. BY SHIP (STEAMER): - this the cheapest, but used for heavy shipments as the transmit time by steamer is about 40 days & you will have to obtain delivery by broker/agent from seaport. The freight charge is U.S. $200.00 for quantity up to 300 kgs. Your broker/agent from sea port. The freight charge is $ 200.00 for the quantity up to 300 kgs.

4. BY SEAPORT PARCEL: - this is also cheaper, but you will get goods in 60 to 75 days at your door and the freight charges is $ 3.50 per kg. Minimum weight must be 10 kgs.

(We have not indicated shipment by air post parcel, because shipment by courier would cheaper than air post parcel. Kindly chooses one of the four options for shipment of your goods).

Freight charges are subject to change, as applicable by courier.

Shiva International
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Postal Address
B.31/13 -KA, "Shiva Building",  Lanka, Varanasi-221 005
Uttar Pradesh (India)
Phone :      91-542-2366797 (O), 
                   91-542-2367646 (R) 
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